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Resource Nodes

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The Resource Nodes of Reign of Kings
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During your adventuring of the world, you will encounter resource nodes. These are typically objects 2 - 3 times larger than a player and yield large amounts of specific resources when harvested either by interacting with it or hitting it with a melee weapon or harvesting tool. Once depleted, a node will respawn after some time has passed. If you continue mining a node that is empty, it will give unlimited resources but at a snail slow pace of 1 yield per hit, and each hit in this instance resets the respawn timer, so it is recommended not to continue mining nodes after they are already harvested.

Important Information
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Resource Nodes
Node Appearance Resource Yield Respawn Time Locations
Berry Bush BerryBushK.png BerriesSticks 5, 5 8 minutes Mostly forested areas
Bushes BushK.png Sticks 5 20 minutes Mostly forested areas
Clay Node ClayK.png Clay 100 8 minutes Mostly along beaches
Dirt Node DirtK.png Dirt 100 8 minutes Mostly along beaches
otherwise randomly dispersed.
Fairly difficult to find lots of
Flax Node FlaxK.png Flax 5 8 minutes Mostly in the central fields
Flax Fields
Flowers Node FlowersK.png Flowers 5 8 minutes Mostly in the central fields
Flax Fields
Hay Node HayK.png Hay 5 8 minutes Mostly in the sun-scorched fields
Hay Fields
Iron Node IronK.png Iron 100 8 minutes Mostly beside northern
and north-eastern roads
Oil Node OilK.png Oil 100 5 minutes Only in the South-Western
Swampy Marshes
Stone Node StoneK.png Stone 100 8 minutes East of Plague Town
following the road South-West
all the way to the
Hay Fields
Collectable Stone Node StoneCollectableK.png Stone 3 8 minutes All over cliffsides and rocky hills
Water Node WaterLakeK.png Water N/A Streams, Lakes, and ponds on
the Eastern half of the world
Trees TreeFallenK.png Wood 100 - 400 60 minutes The world is populated
with trees
  • To view visual geographical locations of the nodes and more, check out the HD/SD world maps.

Harvesting Tips
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  • Using the stab attack on harvestable nodes while right up close to it will allow you to hit it again faster, speeding up gathering time a bit.

Game Version
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