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Building Objects

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Tiers of Building Objects
[edit | edit source]

Listing the tiers of Building Object qualities from worst to best for defensive stats and overall class:

  • Wood
  • Reinforced Wood (Iron)
  • Reinforced Wood (Steel)
  • Iron
  • Stone

Important Information
[edit | edit source]

Crafting & Stats
Name 1st 2nd 3rd Station Time Product Lock Level HP
Wood Door Wood 100 Time
5 seconds
Wood Door 1 1500
Reinforced Wood (Iron) Door Wood 150 Iron Ingot 4 Work Bench Time
5 seconds
Reinforced Wood (Iron) Door 2 3000
Reinforced Wood (Iron) Trap Door Wood 75 Iron Ingot 2 Work Bench Time
5 seconds
Reinforced Wood (Iron) Trap Door 2 3000
Reinforced Wood (Steel) Door Wood 150 Steel Ingot 4 Tinker Time
5 seconds
Reinforced Wood (Steel) Door 3 4500
Iron Door Iron Ingot 16 Tinker Time
5 seconds
Iron Door N/A 9000
Stone Arch Stone 40 Stone Cutter Time
5 seconds
Stone Arch N/A 9000
Wood Gate Wood 300 Work Bench Time
10 seconds
Wood Gate 4 6000
Reinforced Wood (Iron) Gate Wood 350 Iron Ingot 16 Tinker Time
10 seconds
Reinforced Wood (Iron) Gate 6 9000
Iron Gate Iron Ingot 32 Tinker Time
10 seconds
Iron Gate N/A 12000
Wood Shutters Wood 30 Work Bench Time
5 seconds
Wood Shutters 1 1500
Iron Bar Window Iron Ingot 2 Tinker Time
5 seconds
Iron Bar Window N/A 9000
Stone Slit Window Clay 1 Stone Slab 1 Stone Cutter Time
5 seconds
Stone Slit Window N/A 12000
Note: Objects with N/A as their Lock Level cannot be lockpicked whatsoever.
  • For more detailed information about these Building Objects, check out the individual pages for the specific items.

[edit | edit source]

  • Door Models
  • Gate Models
  • Window Models
  • Item Sets

Strategies & Tips
[edit | edit source]

  • You can remove these objects by wielding empty hands [ ` Key ] or with blocks equipped and wielded in your hotbar. To remove, look at the target building object and right-click it. This can only be done for a short while after placing it yourself, unless the area has a crest in it and it is conquered. If that is the case, the owner of the crest and any of their fellow guild members can remove them normally.
  • You must have a Lockpick in your Orifice slot and wielded to be able to attempt lockpicking one of these open. Some of them cannot be lockpicked at all.

Game Version
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