Steel Cage

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Steel Cage
Name Steel Cage
Type Placeable Object
Stack Size 1
Description  • Can be used to imprison a player.
Equip Slot
Hotbar Slot
HP 9000
Lock Level 6
Footprint FootPrintBy4KB.pngFootPrintBy4KB.pngFootPrintBy4KB.pngFootPrintBy4KB.png
4 x 4
Height FootPrintBy4KB.png
Mounted Floor
 • Can be placed on the world using Left Mouse Button.

A Steel Cage is a player restraint object used for imprisoning another player within a confined space.

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  • Item

[edit | edit source]

The only way to obtain a Steel Cage is to craft one at any time using a Tinker station.

1st 2nd 3rd Station Time Product
Steel Ingot 30 Tinker Time
5 seconds
Steel Cage

[edit | edit source]

  • As with any Dungeon object, if you currently have a player captured by Rope or Iron Shackles you can interact with the object and choose [Deposit Player] to magically merge them with the Steel Cage.
  • This cage can be breached with 1 Lockpick in 6 seconds.
  • Will let the player use multiple Lockpicks, but it is not necessary. Likely a glitch currently.
  • A breached cage can be opened by everyone at any time, until the cage is picked up by its owner and placed back down.

Game Version
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